Branded LED Wearables

Wearable LED Lighting Transformed

10 Eye-catching Ultra-bright LEDs. Wear SYNOPOD front and centre with a custom lanyard designed to prominently display your team or brand colors.


Standard or Customized. The interchangeable POD-Ring and lanyard can be printed with any full color design of your choosing. Brand or rebrand the SYNOPOD quickly with your team or event name and logo. Change the POD-Ring or lanyard on-site to re-brand and re-deploy the SYNOPOD quickly and cost effectively for the next event, special game or concert.


Need a particular light pattern for that special event? Use our ZoneSet controller to quickly reprogram SYNOPODs on-site for zone related lighting effects when needed.

SYNOPOD Base unit

Material: ABS

Size: 6.7 cm (2.64″) diameter, 2.5 cm (1″) thick

Power: 3 (three) AAA batteries

Average Battery Life: 20 hours

Control: RC, DMX. External power switch


Material: Elastic Fabric

Customizable: Yes

Interchangeable: Yes

Size: 7 cm (2.76″) diameter

Branded Lanyard

Material: Woven or Polyester

Customizable: Yes

Size: 43 cm (16.93″) folded length

Perfect for keeping the SYNOPOD front and centre.

Order elastic POD-rings with your custom graphics…

…or silicone POD-rings with your debossed logo.

Complete your kit with an optional branded mesh bag.

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