What Makes SYNOPOD Shine


Open Architecture. Generate the same excitement of a big stadium LED light show at your event, game, concert or party. SYNOPOD LED wristbands, bracelets and lanyards create letters and numbers, chases, or light up different sections of the crowd with ease.


Patented Design. SYNOPOD LED wristbands, bracelets and lanyards are LED wearables that pair seamlessly with industry standard DMX control software using our proprietary controller. Its 34 channel system gives the ability to control up to 8 zones of LED wearable devices at one time.
Hardware Ecosystem

Understanding Zones

A Zone is a group of LED devices that light up together with instructions from the controller. Each zone can be turned on and off individually and set to different colors.


With 8 zones at your disposal, create DMX scenes as simple as a flashing sea of color or as complex as numbers counting down.

Get creative! Make your own zone map to create words, letters and symbols.

Expand the sections below to learn about different methods of controlling SYNOPOD wearables.

Using a DMX Software Controller

Control SYNOPODs directly with your laptop or desktop computer. For show stopping sequences and automated light control, all you need is our DMX remote controller and a USB-DMX interface.

PC connection diagram

The interface is typically a dongle such as the ultraDMX Micro from DMXking or small converter box such as the DMX USB Pro from Enttec. Any USB-DMX interface compatible with your choice of software may be used.

Get all the benefits of programmed light shows without complicated hardware.

Choose an interface that fits your budget and needs.

Turn your notebook or computer into a lighting control console.

Open-source software projects such as Q Light Controller+ (QLC+) are free and simple to use. Others such as LightFactory offer time limited free trials and has comparable function to professional light desks.

Software designed for users from amateur to professional is freely available online.

See Compatible Software

Using a DMX Lightboard

Our proprietary DMX 34-channel remote controller integrates seamlessly with any major DMX lighting controller to control up to 8 distinct groups of SYNOPODs.

DMX connection diagram

SYNOPOD devices are highly visible and customizable LED wearables. Drive your brand like never before with your team colors, company logos, and designs for special events.
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