SYNOPOD unveiled at Innovations in Live Music Tech Summit 2021

The Innovations in Live Music Tech Summit was an opportunity to showcase SYNOPOD LED wristbands and lanyards to leaders in the global live music industry. Hosted in the metaverse by Finessed Media and sponsored by VEVO & Kaotica, SYNOPOD Co-Founder John Hannon was featured as a panelist, introducing the use of fan-sourced light shows and RFID technology at concerts and music festivals. Read more about the event Insider Magazine [More Information].



Fan Sourced Light Shows

Fan-driven light show with SYNOPOD

Fan-sourced light shows are a new concept that allows music fans to purchase an event branded SYNOPOD LED wristband or LED lanyard at a venue to wear during a show. SYNOPODs are controlled using a propriety DMX controller, allowing light technicians to create and control the light show on the wrist and around the neck of every music fan, adding a new and exciting dimension to the way music is experienced. SYNOPODs are designed for custom branding at site and for use again and again at any Powered by SYNOPOD concert, music festival or other event, keeping tons of e-waste out of landfills. SYNOPOD can also be RFID enabled to allow for applications in ticketing, access control, payments and event management.


T-shirts, ball hats, pins and other concert souvenirs are still cool but SYNOPOD as must-have concert swag will be lighting up venues and festivals for years to come.