SYNOPOD Launches Reusable Custom Branded LED Wearables

The team at SYNOPOD LLC is proud to announce the launch of its custom branded and reusable DMX controlled LED lanyard and LED wristband product lines.


Designed to light up the crowd at any sports match, concert or other event, SYNOPODs are reusable, scaling costs and keeping tons of e-waste out of landfills. According to co-founder and SYNOPOD Technical Director Anthony Silvers, SYNOPODs are, “the first device of their kind to allow for on-site rezoning, meaning that anyone can re-zone the LED PODs at an event and light them up to make patterns and designs. This is something new and proprietary to our devices.” ¬†This feature, along with the patented device design and flexible custom branding options, leaves SYNOPOD a standalone for enhanced fan experience applications in sports, concerts, shows and events.


Asked what sparked the patented SYNOPOD design, co-founder and Managing Director John Hannon, who also founded SYNOMETRIX RFID Limited, stated, “it was time for a new wearable LED device that could be offered for multiple use applications. Those one-and-done LED wristbands are fine for some things, but they don’t brand well and end up in the trash after one use. We saw an opportunity in what we term ‘Fan Sourced Light Shows’, where fans buy a device and use it over and over at games, at a venue, festival or event, any venue where Powered by SYNOPOD is available. Feedback on this concept has been exceptional and we see this as a new market going forward. Why spend 2 or 3 dollars on an LED wristband and use it once, when for a slightly higher price, you can offer something custom branded and reusable, something fans and guests can use to enhance their experience, and pass that cost onto the consumer?”


The possibilities are endless. Brand SYNOPODs with your team, venue or event logo and sell them as team gear or swag. Get sponsors involved to reduce your spend or sell SYNOPODs at your game or event as a way to raise money for schools, clubs or the community. No matter how you deploy them, fans are going to love the chance to light themselves up to be part of the crowd.