Your Dedicated SYNOPOD Support Team

Your POD SQUAD Keeps It Lit

Having a dedicated POD SQUAD will make buying, branding, setting up and running your SYNOPODs easy and fun!

The POD SQUAD for Schools

Student Engagement. Set up a SYNOPOD Club or establish a dedicated team of students and teachers and create deep engagement across your school.


Students from the Business Club can write up the SYNOPOD fundraising campaign plans, handle the collection of funds and arrange for SYNOPOD purchases and distribution. Downstream rebranding and ordering for different school teams and events can be handled by the Art, Marketing and Business Clubs, creating opportunities for ongoing fundraising and a chance for students to experience running a real event and small business.


Students from the Computer Science Club can set up the DMX software that runs the SYNOPODs and work with school sports and cheerleading teams to create light show sequences that make games and special events come to life. Have them set up the SYNOPOD system at the game or event and handle the re-zoning of PODs, allowing them to create numbers and other lighting effects in the stands. Go all in and raise money year  round by setting up an RFID payment system for drinks, food and team merchandise at games and events that is overseen by members of the Business Club.


SYNOPOD creates opportunities for real world engagement right across the school while bringing big event energy to all of your sports and school events.

The POD SQUAD for Teams

Dedicated Volunteers. Set up a POD SQUAD of lighting and sound professionals or engage with some dedicated parents and friends of the team.


Sell the SYNOPODs to your fans to raise money for the team. Organize 50/50 draws year round at games or events. The team POD SQUAD sets up the lighting sequences and special effects for games and makes sure that the PODs light up with every goal scored to keep your fans engaged.


Traditional fundraisers like selling chocolates, cookies, bottle drives and raffles are last century. SYNOPOD fundraising campaigns are high yield and will transform the game and the team/fan experience by creating a line of branded LED wearables that you fans will want to buy.

Professional POD SQUADs

Leave it to the Pros. Build up your SYNOPOD system experience and contribute that to the different event or concert stakeholders who work hard to make each event or show successful.


Perhaps you offer SYNOPOD as an upsell at a club where you DJ or you work together with a distributor to provide custom branded SYNOPODs as a rental at a major concert or event. However you use them, there are endless ways to get creative and build out your own product ecosystem using SYNOPODs as the base. We offer excellent commercial and technical support and would be happy to discuss your ideas, so get in touch.

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