Customized LED Light Shows

Just Like the Major Leagues

Customized LED Light Shows for Minor League Sports

Add your custom logo and colors to a SYNOPOD and sell them to fans as team merchandise to fundraise for the season.

Branded Team Merchandise. Minor league sports teams can now enjoy the same high impact LED light shows seen in the major leagues at regular games and tournaments. Custom brand SYNOPOD LED lanyards with your team name, colors and logo and fundraise for the season by selling them to your fans. Create exciting LED light shows in the stands between goals and light the PODs up again with every goal or touchdown.


What you need to create custom branded LED light shows:


  • SYNOPOD Lanyards for everyone
  • Our proprietary SYNOPOD DMX controller to control the PODs
  • Free DMX software to create your light shows
  • A Zoneset controller to change or set new LED zones at-site
  • A dedicated POD Squad


Big League LED Shows at Minor League Games and Tournaments


Our super bright LED lanyards work with our proprietary DMX controller and free DMX software so that you can create professional LED light shows at any game. Create LED patterns and waves around the rink or football stadium and get your fans engaged to motivate your team. SYNOPOD’s are also available with one-tap RFID payments and can be used to pay for food, drinks and team merchandise.


Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly


SYNOPODs are designed to be customized anytime on-site and then reused over and over again to keep e-waste out of the landfill. This also keeps the cost down and provides excellent returns on investment for your sponsors. Use them for one season or many seasons, changing only the POD ring and/or lanyard to update your POD anytime for any game or special event.


SYNOPOD for Team Fundraising


No more bottle drives, selling cookies or chocolates door to door. SYNOPOD is the easiest and fastest way to fundraise big dollars for your team while transforming the whole game experience for your players and fans. Please visit our fundraising page to find out more.

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