Customer Satisfaction Policy

To ensure customer satisfaction, we offer a 30 day replacement warranty on SYNOPODs that are defective due to manufacturing. SYNOPODs that become defective as a result of misuse or damage are not covered by our warranty.


The “User” understands that SYNOPOD equipment generates, receives and can radiate radio frequency energy and may cause, or result in, interference to radio communications. There is no guarantee of specific control or receiving range or that interference will not occur in any particular use case. The range and effectiveness of transmission (Controller) and reception (SYNOPOD device(s)) will vary depending on various factors including atmospheric conditions, spectrum interference, obstructions (terrain or physical) between the controller and SYNOPOD receiving devices and/or proper use. Therefore, we do not accept returns on any SYNOPOD device related thereto.


For customized SYNOPOD accessories. We try our very best to meet your expectations, so replacements will be offered only where graphics errors or quality has seriously impacted customization.


Not satisfied with your order?  Please contact us to get it resolved.