Stadium Events

Any Sized Stadium, Anywhere

Stadium Energy Set Ablaze

Big Scale. Tens of thousands of LEDs right at your command. SYNOPOD is DMX controlled, allowing you to create light shows with massive scale and visual effect.


Big Effect. Using the ten ultra-bright LED’s in each SYNOPOD, it’s easy to generate a power storm of light-citement right across any sized stadium. Custom brand the SYNOPOD device and lanyard to connect with the theme of your opening ceremony, concert or convention. Hand them out to your guests at the door and collect them as they leave.
Powered for Scale

The SYNOPOD system requires our proprietary DMX512 controller to control the light show in any sized stadium with a range of up to 500 meters.


Create special designs such as numbers and letters. SYNOPOD comes with 8 zones that can be pre-programmed and delivered to your venue directly or can be programmed quickly on-site using our Zoneset Pod Programmer. 

Powered for Effect

SYNOPOD sets any stadium ablaze using the versatility of controlled DMX lighting that integrates easily with your event lighting system.


SYNOPODs can be rented out or distributed at the gates and returned at the end of the show when guests leave. Clean them, change the batteries and update the lanyard or POD Ring to get them ready for use at the next event.