Sporting Events

Fan Excitement Ignited

Light it up like the pros

Fan Experiences Transformed. SYNOPOD gets highly visible team, event and sponsor branding on each fan at your big league or little league game. Get your SYNOPODs standard or custom brand the lanyard and POD-Ring with your team name, colors or logo and sell them as merchandise in your team store.


Better Fan Engagement. Quickly change the lanyard or POD-Ring on-site to update it for special games, player retirements, tribute nights and playoff games. Create deeper fan connections with holidays and festivals like Christmas, New Years, Diwali, Chinese New Year or Cinco de Mayo.
Perfect for the Major Leagues

Light up the SYNOPOD in any color each time you score and create fan excitement during the down times in between. Use our proprietary Zoneset function to set zones and create numbers and designs in the stands around your stadium.


SYNOPODs are retuned after the game and quickly rebranded for future events, reducing your costs and eliminating e-waste.

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Perfect for the Minor Leagues

Bring all the excitement of big stadium sports to your minor league fan base. The SYNOPOD system is easy to set up and can be used with an optional portable controller to light up your fan base at away games.


Sell them or rent them. SYNOPODs are a great way to fundraise for the team and get your fans even more fired up for your games.

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Perfect for any School League

SYNOPOD is just what you need to bring all the energy of a major league sporting event to any school sporting event or track meet. Fans and students will line up to buy or rent a SYNOPOD, helping you raise money for your team.


The Business Club can make the purchase. The Technology Club can set it up. The POD-Squad can run the system at your games.

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