Marketing Events

Branded RFID Functionality

Brand Marketing Made Memorable

Full Customization. Get SYNOPOD with your branding on the POD-Ring and lanyard. SYNOPOD can be RFID enabled using ISO 14443 A/B RFID tags that conform with the NFC and Mifare standard to make it even more functional,  triggering different ways to experience your brand.


Brand Amplification. Our ultra-bright LEDs are sure to draw attention to your marketing event. Connect the SYNOPOD RFID tag with a social media account, allowing guests to amplify your brand or event to their friends across social media platforms.
Unmatched Brand Activations

Create energy and excitement around your brand activation by handing out a customized SYNOPOD to each of your guests. Re-use them at different marketing events by quickly updating the silicone POD-Ring and lanyard, both of which are designed to incorporate your brand name, pantone colors and marketing slogans, driving a memorable and high impact brand experience at any brand marketing event.


Reduce your costs while putting your social conscience on display. Re-usable SYNOPODs eliminate e-waste and keep thousands of one-and-done LED wristbands out of the landfill.

Experiential Marketing

Blow past the standard RFID wristband, tag or other marketing swag and take your brand activation or marketing event to a whole new level. SYNOPODs with RFID are perfect for experiential marketing applications where you wish to collect user data at sign up and then allow your guests to engage and experience your brand by tapping the SYNOPOD on a reading device at different stations around your venue.


SYNOPOD will drive a new level of engagement with your brand. Reward your brand fans with access to your VIP lounge and give them some cool brand bling for their participation.

Downstream Marketing

Your  guests get a SYNOPOD after they offer their personal information to sign up for your event, creating a database record that is associated with the unique serial number on an RFID chip. That number is used to capture all of their engagement during your marketing event, creating opportunities for post-event data analysis and touch points for downstream marketing and sales.


SYNOPOD with RFID can be linked with a guest’s social media platform, allowing them to quickly amplify your event and brand right across their personal network.