VIP Zones

VIP Experiences Amped Up

Offer some TLC for your VIPs

Branded VIP Access. Custom brand a SYNOPOD for use by VIP guests, club seat fans and season ticket holders. Give them out to those you wish to let special VIP access to at the concert, club or party. Hand them out to your guests at the door and collect them as they leave, or give them to your season ticket holders for use at games all season.


RFID Enabled. Add an RFID tag and connect it to a VIP user profile for use in one-tap cashless payments for drinks, food and fan swag. Set levels of permission and control what areas a VIP can access. Set up a link to their social media account, allowing them to share special moments with their friends, amplifying your brand, game or event.
Season Ticket Holders

Season ticket holders will love the chance to light themselves up with each goal scored during a season. Create deeper engagement with your team and drive higher food and beverage sales with the convenience of a one-tap RFID payment. 


Distribute a SYNOPOD as part of a season holder ticket package at the start of the season. Because the SYNOPOD is easy to rebrand, update the POD-Ring or lanyard throughout the season for special game nights and the playoffs.

Boxes and Club Seats 

Fans that buy tickets for a corporate box or a club seat are going to expect a special high-end game experience. Get a SYNOPOD on each fan and light it up so that they can experience each goal more directly.


Have the fans create user profiles that allow them to enjoy easy one-tap payments to buy food and drinks. Use that profile data for post-game follow ups and as a touch point for downstream marketing opportunities.

Any VIP Zone

Turn any game, gala, concert or event into something fresh and memorable for your VIP guests. SYNOPOD generates a special kind of light-citement that your VIPs and special guests are going to really love.


Hand them out to your special guests or VIPs when they arrive and collect them when they leave. Change the batteries, clean and disinfect and quickly rebrand for the next set of VIPs that you want to impress.