Powered by SYNOPOD

Fan Sourced Light Shows in Motion

One POD. Multiple Venues

SYNOPOD transforms the party zone. Whether in front of different stages at a weekend music festival or at every night club on the strip, Powered by SYNOPOD allows fans and club goers to seamlessly wander from stage to stage or club to club to engage themselves in an immersive LED light show experience.


At a music festival, rave or club. Sell the PODs at a booth on the festival grounds, at your coat check or get them sponsored and hand them out for free. Transform the fun factor along the bar and club zone in your city by signing up all venues on the strip for Powered by SYNOPOD so that clubbers can drift from party to party, creating a wandering fan-sourced light show that adds value to your show or venue at little or no cost.
Energize Your EDM or Rave

Powered by SYNOPOD allows ravers to become the light show and transform any venue on the circuit, creating a dance floor that is highly energized and keeps everyone dancing throughout the night.


Sell, rent or hand them out so that your loyal ravers can use them again and again at all the dance parties on the circuit.

Electrify Your Club Zone

Powered by SYNOPOD sets your club zone on fire. Connect all the venues on your strip so that guests can light it up at all the clubs they hit in one night. All you need is our DMX controller in each club and you are ready to go.


Sell them, get them sponsored or hand them out free. Guests change the batteries at home and return for their next night out.

Light Up the Music Festival

Powered by SYNOPOD transforms the fan experience at your music festival by creating DMX controlled LED light zones around the different stages located across your venue.


Give them to your VIPs, sell them on-site to your fans or get them sponsored and hand them out. Music fans can use their PODs at any festival that is Powered by SYNOPOD.