A Totally Lit Spectator Experience

Get in the Game

Top Score Energy. Just imagine the excitement you can create by controlling thousands of LEDs to drive the spectator experience at an e-Sport event. SYNOPOD is everything you need to create DMX light shows on a massive scale with stunning visual effect.


Branded Gamer Swag. Use the bright LED’s of every SYNOPOD across the venue to power up a storm of high energy light-citement. Custom branded SYNOPOD’s are an opportunity to brand the lanyard and POD ring with your event name, sponsor details and even team and player names.
Must-Have Bling

Fans will line up to buy or rent a SYNOPOD that they can use at one gaming event or bring back to future events. Updating the POD rings and lanyards to make them specific to each event will create a new collector base among fans and drive residual revenues.


Amplify the event by adding an RFID tag to the SYNOPOD and connecting it with a fans social media account, allowing them to tap and upload their experiences for their social network to enjoy in real-time.

DMX Powered for Effect

SYNOPOD will set your e-Sport venue ablaze with energy. Light them up with each point or create lighting effects and designs such as numbers and letters in the stands. Order SYNOPODs in zones or re-zones them quickly on-site using our propriety Zoneset Pod Programmer.


The patented SYNOPOD device requires our proprietary DMX512 controller that is easy to connect with your light board or PC to control the lights at up to 500 meters.