20 Hour Battery Life

Custom Branded


Long battery life for single or multi-day events. Better than wristbands, DMX controlled SYNOPOD LED lanyards generate high impact immersive LED lighting for a few hours or even a few days at any concert, party, EDM, brand activation, sports or corporate event.


High impact custom branded merchandise. Custom brand SYNOPODs for sale as merch at your team store. Get SYNOPODs sponsored and pass them out at special games, night clubs, concerts or events. Sell SYNOPODs to fans, students and parents to fundraise for your school teams and light up each game just like the pros.


Reuse SYNOPOD to eliminate e-waste. Three easy to change AAA batteries keep SYNOPOD LED’s lit for up to 20 hours. Reprogram the POD zones anywhere using our ZoneSet antenna. Replace the lanyard and POD rings to quickly rebrand SYNOPODs for the next game or special event.

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SYNOPOD is Easy to Deploy!

Powered by SYNOPOD. Control SYNOPODs using our proprietary DMX controller. All you need is a laptop or PC running compatible DMX software, or a DMX compatible lighting controller. Up to 8  groups, or zones, can be individually programmed with different colors and flash patterns.

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